Chaldean & Maronite choirs #latergram (at St. Mary’s Cathedral.)

CJ savouring clam chowder #latergram (at Earls Dalhousie)

Satay beef pho #latergram (at Trong Khanh)

One Rock 2014 Day 3 - Highlights


One Rock 2014 Day 3 from Victor Panlilio on Vimeo.

A few vignettes from Day 3 of One Rock 2014


Learn more about gendercide, a human tragedy driven by the depravity of abortion.

The “parasite” helps the “host” :)


If you regret your abortion and need help, please visit Silent No More to begin your journey toward redemption by helping others to avoid the mistake of believing the ‘pro-choice’ lie.

Healing and forgiveness are possible.